Our World, Our Futures: Children’s global citizenship for sustainability

pair of hands upholding a globe

Empowering Global Citizens: Inspiring Children Through Art, Literacy, and Digital Media

Children are sharing art, literacy and digital media, via an online platform, to tell each other about the spaces in which they live, learn to understand one another’s perspectives, and take action for a better future as global citizens. 

The study will analyse whether and how the project supports children's social, emotional and ethical understanding of the world, their reflectivity and empathy and their sense of self as global citizens. We are interested in what transformative education might look like, and how teachers can embed contextually relevant pedagogies for transformative learning within the existing curriculum. 

Art exhibitions of the children's project work will convene in September 2023 at Oxford Brookes University and The Maldives National University, and in an online gallery.

To find out more about the research project, visit this site: 
 or email clairelee@brookes.ac.uk or aminathshiyama@mnu.edu.mv