Decolonising Research: A Debate

Exploring decolonising research: Unveiling perspectives, challenging paradigms for a more inclusive future in higher education.

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In person event, with one speaker appearing via zoom and the option for listeners to log in via zoom. 

Oxford Brookes University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Research Network invites you to a hybrid debate to discuss what it means to decolonise research within Higher Education.

While the concept of decolonising our curricula has received much media attention, this event looks at how the process and conceptualisation of ‘decolonising’ might be mobilised in academic research. 

The aim of the debate is to create a critical lens to the theory and experiences of decolonizing research by exploring the importance, impacts, academic privileges and barriers. This event brings together three accomplished scholars from varied academic disciplines currently researching the process of decolonisation in education and in research. 

Our panel of researchers will introduce their research, speak to some of the most pressing issues around agendas of decolonisation and then respond to questions from one another and the audience. 

The EDIN research network will moderate the talk and facilitate discussion and debate. This event provides a valuable space for academics, policy makers, professional service staff, and those working in the public and private sectors to learn, question and debate how to make research more inclusive and how research can make the world a more equitable place. 

The discussion will be followed by refreshments and an opportunity to network. 


Dami Folayan (she), Doctoral Researcher, University of Cambridge
Dami Folayan is a doctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge whose background is in sociology, education studies. Her primary research interests are around decolonising higher education, the sociology of education and the racialisation of identity

Professor Stella Nkomo, University of Pretoria
Stella Nkomo is a strategic professor in the Department of Human Resource Management at the University of Pretoria. Her research focuses on diversity and difference in organisations, particularly the exclusion of marginalised voices in management and organisation studies.

Dr. Louise Taylor, Oxford Brookes University
Louise Taylor is a Principal Lecturer Education and Student Experience at Oxford Brookes University and a National Teaching Fellow (Advance HE). Her research  applies psychological theory to understand what makes successful learning and teaching, both in the contexts of the marketisation of higher education and ethnicity degree-awarding gaps.

Moderator: Dr. Lindsay Steenberg, Oxford Brookes University
Lindsay Steenberg is Reader / Associate Professor of Film Studies at Oxford Brookes University, where she sits as chair of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Research Network. Her research looks at the gender and race politics of violence in the popular media, including the crime and action genres.


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