Robinson Crusoe

Principal Investigator(s): Dr Dianne Newbury

Project start: January 2012

Funded by: MRC, University of Oxford, Universidad de Chile, University of Birmingham

About us

This project works with the population of the Robinson Crusoe Island in Chile. These families are affected by a high incidence of speech and language disorders. We use high-throughput genetic technologies (association and sequencing) to identify genetic variants that are more common in affected individuals than expected by chance. 

Research question: Are there genetic factors which explain the high prevalence of speech and language disorders in the Robinson Crusoe population? 

This project is in collaboration with researchers from the University of Oxford, University of Chile and the University of Birmingham and was funded by the John Fell Fund and the MRC.

Children on Robinson Crusoe Island having reading sessions with a tutor


Dianne Newbury

Dr Dianne Newbury

Senior Lecturer

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"Robinson Crusoe Island" by Ashley Basil is licensed under CC BY 2.0