Critical Security Studies

About us

The Critical Security Studies (CSS) research group focuses on issues related to:

  • traditional security (such as the proliferation, management and resolution of armed conflict)
  • non-traditional security concerns (including transnational organised crime; terrorism; human security and the everyday spaces and practices of security).

The group is particularly interested in the intersections between traditional and non-traditional security and encourages interdisciplinary knowledge-exchange and approaches to the conceptualisation and management of security challenges.

CSS brings together researchers and scholars who work in the broad areas of its remit with the aim of:

  • presenting and reviewing work-in-progress by group members or guests
  • commenting on grant applications in progress
  • hosting reading groups
  • generating external grant applications
  • generating internal funding bids to hold events and/or workshops
  • fostering co-operation with external partners.

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Chrissie Steenkamp

Dr Chrissie Steenkamp

Reader in Social and Political Change

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