Cultures, Identities and Divisions

Group Leader(s): Dr Lili Schwoerer


About us

This is an interdisciplinary group which focuses on the empirical and theoretical investigations into multiple facets of cultures, identities and divisions. The interests of the group:

  • span personal, collective, national/global identity formations
  • interrogate the dynamics of power, capitalism, spatiality, temporality, inclusion, exclusion, agency and ethics.

The discursive and historical-material constitution of ‘the social’ inform our conceptual debates alongside a focus on feminist, Marxian, post-colonial and post-structural theory. With this in mind, the group aims to initiate, support and review individual and collaborative research that investigates aspects of the above themes.

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Research impact

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The group encourages research across disciplines and research methods, and hosts the following activities: 

  • presenting and reviewing work-in-progress by group members or guests
  • commenting on grant applications
  • sharing research expertise and practical support
  • hosting reading groups
  • generating external grant applications
  • generating internal funding bids to hold events and/or workshops
  • fostering co-operation with external partners.

Recent presented papers which have subsequently been published include:


Lili Schwoerer

Dr Lili Schwoerer

Teaching Fellow in Sociology

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