International Political Theory (IPT)

Group Leader(s): Dr Molly Cochran


About us

This is a multi-disciplinary research group that seeks to theorise matters both pertaining to international actors as well as the nature of the international system itself. Owing to the broad interests of its constituent members, the group includes numerous areas of concern, including;

  • international relations and the environment
  • the role of international law
  • migration
  • international ethics
  • global political economy
  • international development
  • contemporary geopolitics.

Activities of the IPT research group include:

  • presenting and reviewing work-in-progress by group members or guests
  • commenting on grant applications
  • sharing research expertise and practical support
  • hosting reading groups
  • generating external grant applications
  • generating internal funding bids to hold events and/or workshops
  • fostering co-operation with external partners.

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Molly Cochran

Dr Molly Cochran

Reader in International Relations

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