State and Society

Group Leader(s): Dr Jon Wheatley


About us

The State and Society group is a research forum for members of GPES to examine a broad range of themes associated with the relationship between states and societies in a global perspective. The core research interests of the group include, but is not limited to:

  • populism
  • democracy and citizenship
  • political parties
  • informal practices
  • political institutions.

While the regional focus is open-ended, there is a specific focus within the group on post-Soviet politics, Europe and the European Union, and South Africa. 

The activities of the State and Society research group include, but again is not limited to: 

  • presenting work-in-progress papers and grant applications
  • hosting external invited speakers
  • hosting reading groups
  • the sponsoring of conferences and workshops
  • working and co-operating with external partners on large externally funded research projects.

Political demonstration on a city street


Jon Wheatley

Dr Jon Wheatley

Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics

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