Taking its name from an onomatopoeia from a Futurist manifesto as well as the tracking software used in the device, TRAAK! re-images futurist instruments known as ‘noise intoners’. Users ‘play’ a series of specially-designed cubes from which abstract 3D sculptures emerge, producing asymphony of sound and colour, and exploring the sounds of a potential future city in the process. Featuring sculpture and original sound art by Mike Blow, TRAAK! has been showcased at Audiograft, Brookes Live!, Media City, and other events in 2015. TRAAK! software is freely available as part of AGAST’s toolkits (forthcoming)

People interacting with TRAAK! exhibit


This video documents the research project "Traak!"

An augmented reality project re-interpreting Rusollo’s Intonarumori (Noise-tuners), a collaboration between Mike Blow, John Twycross & Eric White.