Spring Leaves

Principal Investigator(s): Dr Caroline Jackson-Houlston

Project start: May 2015

Project finish: May 2015

About us

A haiku project at the OutBurst festival

Organized by Dr Caroline Jackson-Houlston, Spring Leaves invited visitors to the OutBurst Festival to compose a haiku inspired by the season of spring and by images provided by Dr Jackson-Houlston. A selection of these haiku is reproduced below.

Participants were encouraged to use the traditional form of three lines, with five syllables in the first, seven syllables in the second, and five syllables in the third line.

 Sunshine and showers
Green spikes piercing the hoarfrost
 Spring leaves unfolding

by Ros Tallett

In Memoriam Ros Tallett, 23 October 1938 – 19 June 2014.

Leaves of spring cherry
Are red as autumn maple:
Petals fall like snow

by Caroline Jackson-Houlston

apple tree after rain

washed black trunk, branches
necessary pipework, spray
leaves of palest green

by Helen Newdick

Green leaves, white legs out
expectant in the cool air
Waiting for the sun

by Rose Stevens

Soft as a pillow
Obscure like a answer that has not been spoken
Moves carefully in the wind

by Olivia Barton

Summer’s nice and warm;
In winter the cold frost bites.
Spring is just confused.

by Bruno Rogers

A green Medusa
spills her hair over the pool
and cries, noiselessly.

by Niall Munro

Moth-like evergreen
Extend from the darker tips:
Verdant antennae.

by Eleanor Douglass

Spring leaves lush & green;
sunshine spreading brightness;
life goes on.

by Pankaj KC