Local Energy Mapping for Urban Retrofit (Lemur)

Principal Investigator(s): Professor Rajat Gupta

Contact: rgupta@brookes.ac.uk

Project start: January 2015

Project finish: January 2016

Funded by: Innovate UK

About us

The LEMUR project was designed to investigate how publicly available datasets on built environment, energy and society could be used to plan mass energy retrofit and to provide targeted low carbon measures across a city. LEMUR helped local authorities to overcome the challenges to:

  • conduct large-scale retrofitting of carbon reduction measures in homes
  • facilitate warmer, healthier homes and reduce fuel poverty
  • support thriving local economies and nurture community groups.

LEMUR integrated two existing data platforms, DECoRuM and Community Energy Manager (CEM), into one innovative new service, which turns this urban challenge into a marketable product that can facilitate wider roll out of retrofit measures, cheaper delivery and more effective outreach to vulnerable residents.

To take advantage of this opportunity, project partners investigated the feasibility of this integration and also test the service in practice, through a small pilot in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

Bicester LSOA Mean Electricity 2014 map

Research impact

Thermal imaging of semi-detached house

The main outcome of this project is the development of a bespoke and flexible digital service for retrofit programmes, for community groups to use at very low cost and more bespoke services available to local authorities, housing associations, researchers and retrofit providers alike.


Rajat Gupta

Professor Rajat Gupta

Professor of Sustainable Architecture and Climate Change, Director of OISD and LCB Group

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