School of Arts

  • Welcome to the School of Arts

    Where creative practitioners and writers about the arts and culture work closely to create a stimulating environment. Our courses combine the academic rigour of traditional programmes with practical and vocational components. Arts students at Oxford Brookes are well placed to pursue a variety of careers in the creative industries.

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    Missed one of our open days? We'd still like to hear from you. Get in touch with us and learn more about our programmes and life in our vibrant community.

  • Facilities and Resources

    The Glass Tank Gallery
    The Motion Capture Suite
    Dolby Atmos 4K cinema room system
    dedicated studio spaces
    specialist it studios
  • Research in the School of Arts

    The School of Arts provides a vibrant environment for staff and students to develop their research and is committed to building research excellence by nurturing existing and emerging strengths. The School currently has researchers engaged in practice-based research, and theoretical and archival research across the fields of Art & Design, Digital Media, Film, Music and Publishing.

  • Student Life in the School of Arts

    While your studies are a top priority, you will still want to make the most of everything else student life offers. Within the school there are always projects you can work on outside of your chosen field of study, it could be that you wish to work with students from other disciplines, creating the music for a film or digital media project, or filming a piece of performance art, the possibilities are many and various. This might be part of an assessed module or just something you would like to do for fun. Collaborations with students across different subjects is a good way to make more friends. The School of Arts are proud to run university wide initiatives such as The Documentary Club and the University Orchestra and Choir as well as many societies.