Current students

Name Thesis Contact
Adam Zulqarnain Mohd Said
Jit Min Tan
Olasubomi Sanya
Ryal Wun The Use of Force and Statehood Seeking Territories
Duygu Yardımcı Cooperation Between Public Authorities and Civil Society: Forms, Drivers, Principles, Policies, Means and Tools
Abdullah Celik Highly skilled migration into the UK: The case of Turkish nationals
Stephen Hurley The protection of non-religious philosophical belief in the British workplace
Craig Allen How should improper religious impulsion be regulated by the law of England and Wales?
Richard Fretwell Religious Freedom in a Post-Christian Age: A critical analysis of liberalism, secularism and human rights through the lens of religious freedom in education in England
Sanjana Karnik The regulation of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in warfare
Nick Brown Why does family law treat FGM and male circumcision differently?
Fabiana Ciccarella Anti-migrants hate speech in the digital age: a comparative analysis between Italy and the UK
Dr Kian Pourkermani Non-consensual secession and the Law of Nations
Dr Sarah Hayes The extent to which public engagement by the religious precinct destabilises religious autonomy
Dr Louisa Borg Haviaras Free movement of scientists within the European Research Area: An analysis of the Cypriot research market


NameTitleDirector of StudyYear
Dr Kian PourkermaniNon-consensual secession and the Law of NationsProfessor Barrie Axford2019
Dr Sarah HayesThe extent to which public engagement by the religious precinct destabilises religious autonomyProfessor Peter Edge2019
Dr Louisa Borg HaviarasFree movement of scientists within the European Research Area: An analysis of the Cypriot research marketDr Sonia Morano Foadi2019
Dr Ahmed AlmuqhunFreedom of parties in international arbitration: an analytical and comparative study of Shariah, the Saudi Arbitration Law 2012 and the English Arbitration Act 1996Dr Ilona Cheyne2019
Dr Alfred FullahThe Legacy of the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL)Dr Ilona Cheyne2018
Dr Kate Clayton HathwayPaying ‘due regard’? The impact of the Public Sector Equality Duty on service provision for single mothersProf Lucy Vickers
Prof Tina Miller
Dr Lucia BrieskovaRights Mobility and Integration of Intra-corporate Transferees in Europe: the case of Slovakia and England.Dr Dawn Sedman2018
Dr Nawaf AlyseenIslamic public policy and morality principles and their effect Trademark registration and protection in the light of the TRIPS AgreementDr Ilona Cheyne2017
Dr Sonia Morano Foadi
Prof Lucy Vickers
Prof Peter Edge
Dr Bader AlshradiConsistency of the interpretation and implementation of command responsibility and its components in international criminal lawDr Dawn Sedman2016
Rabiqah Natasha Halim Binte Mohamed Yusof (Master of Philosophy)Brunei: Building and enshrining and absolute monarchyDr Derek O’Brien
Prof Peter Edge
Dr Laurin Correa CarranzaImplementation of TRIPS in developing countries, Chile and Equador as examplesDr Ilona Cheyne2015
Dr Mohammad AlmaharmehJurisdiction and Legal Conflicts in Cyberspace: a critical assessment of the Jordanian rulesProf Peter Edge2014
Dr Felipe Romero MorenoAmending the UK Digital Economy Act 2010 from a subsciber's human rights perspectiveProf Peter Edge2014
Dr Theodore Ngoy Ilunga Wa NsengaThe presumption of innocence before the international criminal courtProf Peter Edge2011
Dr Wipaphat SwangpholReligious grievance in modern terrorism: trouble in southeast Asia and a case study in southern ThailandProf Peter Edge2011
Dr (Mohammad) Javad GohariA legal Study of the Right to Life in the European Convention on Human Rights and IslamProf Peter Edge2011