Personal safety

Oxford is a very safe place to live and study but, like any other city, there are some risks. Our list of pointers, if followed, will go a long way to aid your safety.

Stay safe

Trust your instincts, they will usually be right
If you feel nervous or frightened move away from the threat and seek safety with others or in a safer location.

Know where you are going - plan your journeys

  • How are you getting there? More importantly, how are you getting back? Not all public transport in Oxford is 24/7.
  • Don't go into parks after dark, keep to well-lit areas. And whenever possible, don't go out alone.

Be aware of your surroundings
Especially at cash machines and when using your mobile phone is public places.

Don't carry or display excessive amounts of cash

Only use black cabs or licensed mini cabs

  • Do not use illegal mini-cabs touting for business. 
  • Don't accept lifts in vehicles from people you don't know.

Keep a list of emergency contact numbers
Save all your emergency contact numbers in your mobile phone. Consider using a personal safety app.

And lastly, if you are threatened with violence for property do not fight for it - hand it over. Property can be replaced; you can't. 

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