Get Published!

Be heard. Be seen. Be read.

Now part of Student Research Launch Pad

Get Published! was a University-wide project for enhancing the student experience at Oxford Brookes established by Prof. Helen Walkington in 2015. The Get Published! Student Research Conference still runs annually and is part of a larger project to support students with the dissemination of their research at Oxford Brookes, called Student Research Launch Pad - see the project website for more information.

About the project

Get Published! supported students in publishing their research, to help students develop research literacy and communication skills and stand out from the crowd.

What counts as ‘research’?

Research is any “systematic investigation or inquiry aimed at contributing to knowledge of a theory, topic, etc., by careful consideration, observation, or study of a subject” (Oxford English Dictionary).

Some modules are wholly dedicated to research (e.g. dissertation modules and independent study modules) but smaller research projects are involved in lots of modules.

How can I publish my research?

Through Get Published!, you can present your research at the Get Published! Oxford Brookes Student Research Conference and participate in prestigious national research events such as Posters in Parliament and the British Conference for Undergraduate Research.

Get Published! enables you to publish your research in the Oxford Brookes Student Research collection.

Get Published! also showcases a wide range of other opportunities to publish your research in undergraduate journals, blogs, exhibitions and more.

What does publishing your research do for you?

  • Improve your visual and verbal communication skills by developing an engaging visual poster design and by learning how to explain your work to different audiences.
  • Develop your research ideas and enhance your critical thinking by receiving and responding to questions and feedback from peers, academics, professionals and the public.
  • Impress employers by demonstrating that you can communicate complex ideas in simple and accessible ways.
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