Applying a Gender Dimension in Research

University Research & KE training session.

Target audience:

  • This University Research & KE training session is open to all research-active staff and research students. It forms an optional session for staff registered on the First Three Years EXPLORE@Brookes programme.

Who this event is for:       

  • Research staff
  • Postgraduate research students  

This introductory session will explore why it is important to take a gender dimension into account in research and innovation. Only by fully integrating the gender dimension in research and innovation can we maximise excellence, creativity, economic opportunities, and societal relevance. While the focus is on gender, we consider gender as a starting point to understand how different lenses can provide new ways of thinking about our research, leading to innovative findings and insights.

This workshop will help increase your understanding of applying a gender lens to research and how gender intersects with other inequalities (e.g. age, class). It will introduce you to tools to embed gender and other intersectional lenses in the research lifecycle.


  • 1 hour online workshop led by Co-Director of Centre for Diversity Policy Research & Practice

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