Managing an External Research Grant

University Research & KE training session.

Target audience:

  • This University Research & KE training session is mandatory for all new research-active staff, as part of the First Three Years EXPLORE@Brookes programme. It is also open as a refresher to all established researchers.

Who this event is for:    

  • Research staff  

 Find out about the roles and responsibilities of the Principal Investigator in recruiting, managing and developing research staff and the who and where of post award support at Oxford Brookes. Training materials cover the University's post award processes, the commitments laid out by the external Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, contracts with funders/collaborators and budget management. 

The expert panel will comprise academics with a track record of successfully managing grants, a representative from the People Directorate (staff recruitment) and the University's Post Award Processes Officer (financial reporting, auditing).


  • Access to series of short training videos, 1 month in advance
  • 1 hour online live Q&A with expert panel

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