Research Integrity

University Research & KE training session.

Target audience:

  • This University Research & KE training session is mandatory for all new research-active staff, as part of the First Three Years EXPLORE@Brookes programme. It is also open as a refresher to all established researchers. 

Who this event is for:   

  • Research staff    

This session will consider different aspects of research integrity and how they are incorporated into ways of working at Oxford Brookes. Training will provide an overview of the University's Code of Practice for Academic Integrity, including principles of good research practice and procedures for investigating allegations of research misconduct, and our commitment to the external Concordat to Support Research Integrity. 

The expert panel will comprise the Chair of the Research Integrity & Governance Steering Group, the Chair of the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC), the Research Culture & Practice Team Leader and the Scholarly Communications & Research Team Leader.


  • Access to series of short training videos, 1 month in advance
  • 1 hour online live Q&A with expert panel

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