Deadlines for approval

Type A and B changes

Changes for implementation in the next academic year should have completed the approval process above by 28th February (in order to meet the March deadline for systems amendments and to ensure that the April module registration window can open on time). This deadline also applies to changes to modules delivered by partner organisations.

However, it may be possible to make in-year changes to sections 1,3,4,5,7,8 and 9 of a module descriptor, provided that the proposed changes are unlikely to impact on student choices and will not affect any statutory returns. Permission to make in-year changes is at the discretion of the Associate Dean (Education and Student Experience) or Faculty Head of Quality Assurance & Validations, in line with the Type A change approval process.


Programme teams should be aware that re-validation can have an impact on current students and applicants, and should seek advice on the timing of the exercise from the Student Records and Curriculum Management (Registry), APQO and Admissions teams.