Addition of a new award to the University’s portfolio

The University’s portfolio of academic awards is extensive – it covers a range of awards at all levels of the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications of UK Degree-Awarding Bodies, and it should be possible to locate the majority of new programme proposals within this list. Hence, a strong rationale is required for the addition of any new awards.

Where a programme development team believes it is necessary to establish a new award type, they must secure Academic Board’s approval as soon as possible after initial approval for the new programme has been granted, well in advance of the programme approval event.

The application for the addition of a new award to the University’s portfolio must be approved by the Faculty AESC/QLIC (this may be done by Chair’s Action) and submitted for University approval to the Quality & Learning Infrastructure Committee, using template T2.1. QLIC will assess the proposal and make a recommendation to Academic Board on whether or not to approve the new award.

The submission must provide a clear rationale for the establishment of the proposed new award, referring to:

  1. the list of existing University awards, giving an explanation of why none of the awards in the current portfolio will suffice;
  2. where it fits within the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications and the Higher Education Credit Framework for England;
  3. the needs of the discipline, i.e. how the new title expresses the nature of the programme/s of study it will relate to; and the extent to which it is being used by other higher education institutions, including examples of the award being used elsewhere;
  4. requirements of employers of graduates, i.e. how the qualification will be recognised within the relevant profession/industry.