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    The Writing Hub aims to enable Brookes to develop into a community of writers who support each other to excel. It encompasses staff and students, our academic writers across the disciplines, our present or future professional writers and those at every stage of developing their writing.

    This initiative is drawing together the conversation about writing across the university community and potentially beyond. How it might evolve is up to those who get involved.

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  • Writing Hub Virtual Seminar 

    Building Writing Muscle: what and how to practise

    Wednesday 21 October, 2.00-3.00pm

    Dominik Lukeš, a Digital Learning Technologist at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, will consider with us how deliberate practice can develop the complex skill of writing.

    This seminar will introduce the key concepts behind deliberate practice and let participants work through how they can apply them to their own writing process and their support for others’ writing. Metaphors of writing can make this application easier:

    • writing as a foreign language
    • writing as translation
    • writing as a musical performance
    • and writing as a physical activity.

    Finally, Dominik will contrast the role of deliberate practice in various writing development strategies.

    Staff and students are all welcome. 

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    Dominik Lukes
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    If you are interested in writing, wish to develop your own or are involved in developing others’ writing, we want to hear from you: please contact writinghub@brookes.ac.uk.