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    The Careers Job Vacancy portal offers organisations the opportunity to advertise all types of vacancies for free. Including:

    • Graduate training schemes;
    • Graduate vacancies;
    • Placements: long and short;
    • Part-time and temporary jobs;
    • Volunteering.

    To register your organisation and upload your vacancies visit:

    Advertisements for opportunities are accepted by Careers on the understanding that providers agree to comply with the requirements of our Employers' Policy.

    Advertise Work Placement opportunities in Faculty

    Business: please contact Waves for all placement opportunities that relate to Business Studies

    Technology, Design and Environment: please contact Andy King for all graduate or placement opportunities that relate to Technology, Design and Environment Studies

    Real Estate: For all graduate or placement opportunities that relate to Real Estate, in the first instance, please email Elaine Tooke at

    Recruitment Agencies

    We welcome recruitment agencies to advertise to our students and graduates through our new Recruitment Agencies web page.

    If you would like to advertise on this page, or for more information, please contact Careers at 01865 484670 or Fees are for a semester (£75) or an academic year (£100). Space is limited and so we operate on a first come first served basis.