Meeting your Academic Advisor: an important part of your timetable

Students with laptops.

All students on taught courses at Oxford Brookes have an Academic Advisor - a member of academic staff from your Department or School who can help you navigate all aspects of your studies throughout your time at university.

Academic Advisors are really valuable contacts. They can help you with academic feedback and development, goal-setting and monitoring of achievements, and referrals to other types of support if you need it. They may also be the person who provides you with a reference for a job when you move on from university.

You don’t need to have a specific ‘problem’ to be able to meet with your Academic Advisor: they will be very happy to talk to you about your general academic progress and how to improve and develop.

Your Academic Advisor’s name and contact details can be found on your ‘Record and Results’ page in Student Information. If you are a new student at Brookes, your Academic Advisor will meet you within the first couple of weeks of your arrival.

Changes to Academic Advising this year

We have made a few small but important changes to Academic Advising this year. Both new students and returning students should read this information to make sure you are familiar with what is expected.

Meetings with your Academic Advisor in 2023/24 will be a formal part of your timetable. Your Academic Advising tutorials will appear as timetabled sessions in your Google Calendar, and you will be expected to attend. They may be small group sessions or one-to-one tutorials, which may be on campus or online. If these Academic Advising sessions do not appear in your calendar, please contact your Academic Advisor - you will find their details on your Student Information page.

These Academic Advisor meetings are really important, as they will help you to: 

  • connect or reconnect with your peers
  • navigate the next steps in your learning journey
  • identify individual learning goals and strategies to meet them
  • access appropriate support and development opportunities
  • review your progress. 

Research tells us that meeting with a named Academic Advisor regularly may help you to feel connected, map out your personal learning plan and achieve your best. It also helps to ensure you have all the support you need from the University.

Please keep an eye on your timetable and join your Academic Advisor at the scheduled times. Our Academic Advisors look forward to seeing you!