Pack for Good 2024

A student donating items at a Pack for Good bin.

To help raise money for the British Heart Foundation (BHF), each year Oxford Brookes takes part in the charity’s Pack for Good campaign.

Last year Brookes donated 2022 bags raising over £28,000 and this year we hope to do even better.

You can donate a range of items including clothes, shoes and books at the permanent BHF bins found at the following locations:
  • Harcourt Hill (outside the main reception by the bus stop)
  • Wheatley (between blocks A and M)
  • Headington (Clerici car park)
  • Clive Booth Student Village
  • Cheney Student Village
  • Warneford Hall
  • Crescent Hall
  • Paul Kent Hall
  • Westminster Hall

How does it help?

BHF estimates that each donated bag raises £14 in donations. Your donations make a difference by helping to support a range of local services. For example:
  • 10 bags could fund a full day’s BHF heart nursing care
  • 100 bags could help find a cure by funding a young scientist for seven days
  • 1000 bags could help 40 heart patients to gain independence.
Thank you for your support. Further information on the BHF can be found on the charity’s website.

Learn more about Oxford Brookes’ commitment to social responsibility on the University’s Sustainability webpages.