Air Bee 'n' Bees

A bee hotel at Clive Booth Student Village.

As part of a new sustainability initiative, residents at our student accommodation sites will soon be welcoming bees as their neighbours.

Bees are declining in numbers due to a range of factors including pesticide use and habitat loss. It is therefore important we preserve and enhance our biodiversity where we can and the University’s Residences Team has been “buzzy” installing bee hotels at our halls of residence.

This initiative has been taken forward by the team as part of our award-winning Green Impact scheme and in support of the University’s biodiversity strategy.

Our halls of residence are an excellent place to establish bee and bug hotels and help improve our local environment and community. The five new hotels will house solitary bees and other insects during hibernation in the winter months.

This follows the rewilding project the Residences and Sustainability team started last summer. 

If you are passing by, please feel free to visit our bee hotels at the following locations:
  • Booth’s Bee & Bee at Clive Booth Student Village 
  • Ash-bee-lean Museum at Crescent Hall 
  • Buzzingham Palace at Paul Kent Hall 
  • Wingsor Castle at Warneford Hall 
  • Bee-tanical Garden at Westminster Hall.