How do I change my Joint Honours award to Major/Minor?

  • Please note that Joint Honours students will only need to submit a request a change to Major/Minor when compiling your Stage II programme of study.

    • You can make the change at any point during Stage II of your programme of study. To do this, access your 'Record and Results' page on PIP and click on the 'Change balance of subjects' link located below the details of your current subject(s).
    • Select your Major/Minor subjects and click on the 'OK' button. PIP will then check whether your programme of study meets the requirements of your new balance of subjects and will generate a revised summary and set of errors/warnings if applicable.
    • If you haven't increased the number of error messages then you will be able to select 'Save Programme' at the bottom of your 'Record and Results' page. If your error messages have increased then you will not be able to save the change until you have made appropriate changes to your programme of study.
    • For details on the requirements of a Major/Minor award, please see the  UMP Regulations and meet with your Student Support Co-ordinator.