Can I take time out from my course and will I be liable for tuition fees?

If you are feeling unwell or are experiencing personal difficulties and feel that a period of 'time out' or 'temporary withdrawal' from your course will help, you can request a break from your course.

Please see Time out from your course for more information.

Please note:

  • If you have made your request for approved temporary withdrawal after the end of Week 4 of the start of your academic year, you may be liable for a percentage of the year's tuition fees.
  • Any period of temporary withdrawal will count towards the maximum time limit permitted to complete your course.

If you have any resits from the previous semester, you will not be expected to take these while on Temporary Withdrawal. Disregard (DR) grades will be applied to these modules at the relevant Examination Committee.

If your fees are being paid with a tuition fee loan from the Student Loans Company, we recommend that you talk to the Fees team about how this might be affected. In addition, if you were in receipt of an Oxford Brookes Bursary, you need to contact the Fees team to discuss your bursary account.

If you have any enquiries about your funding whilst on approved temporary withdrawal, please contact the Fees team in the Student Finance Office: