Why have I been withdrawn from the University?

There may be a number of reasons why you are required by the University to withdraw from your studies at this point, these may include:

  • You have not passed 45 credits within two semesters of study.
  • You have failed a practice based module more than once or have failed two practice based modules.
  • You have not passed a compulsory module within two attempts.
  • You have exceeded the maximum amount of credits allowed for your stage/ award.
  • You have exceeded the time limit for your stage/ award.

If you enrolled in the first year of your course from September 2020 onwards, please refer to the University's Regulations for Study.

If you enrolled in the first year of your course prior to September 2020 or entered the second/third year of an undergraduate programme in September 2020, please refer to:

Please follow the guidance in the email you have received from the Exam Committee and contact your Student Support Coordinator or Academic Adviser if you have any further questions.

Please also refer to Certificates, award verification and transcripts.

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