Information for students

View and print your student timetable by accessing your Google calendar.

You can view and print your current student timetable by accessing your Google calendar. 

For information about using your Brookes Google calendar, see Google Apps on the IT Services website. There is also a helpful presentation on "Adding a Course Module Timetable to your Google Calendar".

Please note:

  • We publish the timetable for the whole academic year at the start of July on Google calendar.
  • You can check the timetable for a particular module from the course module list page.
  • Your personal Google calendar will be updated with the teaching events for the modules you enrol to and the sets you are allocated to as this information is processed.
  • Timetables may need to change in year but we will minimise changes as much as possible. Common causes of change may be changes to student numbers, new teaching staff or room problems.

University guidelines on timetabling can be found in the Timetabling Policy in the University's Regulations for Study.

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