Brookes Charter

The Brookes Charter describes the mutual expectations and responsibilities of the staff and students at Oxford Brookes University. 

Collectively, we are committed to the delivery of an outstanding student experience, the further development of world-class research, making a positive contribution to our wider community and creating sector-leading, high quality services for the future. The Charter is a joint document that was created and is maintained by the University and Brookes Union.

To describe our values, we have agreed five guiding principles.

  • Inclusivity
    We take positive steps to create an environment in which we celebrate, value, and provide equal opportunity to all. 
  • Connectedness
    Our academic excellence is underpinned by a history of learning by doing. Our connections and our Oxford roots are fundamental to our students’ experiences and our successful future.
  • Confidence
    We have confidence in our staff and students, and we know that we prepare our graduates well for a fulfilling and valuable life. Through their success, we continue to earn our outstanding reputation.
  • Generosity of spirit
    We believe people flourish in a culture of respect and support, where we celebrate difference and thrive on each other’s success. Our students manifest a generosity of spirit as they progress in the world.
  • Enterprising creativity
    We're adaptable and flexible, and consider a fresh approach in everything we do – because we know our sustainability depends on a pioneering spirit.

The Students’ Union, known as Brookes Union, exists to support, represent and inspire the students of Oxford Brookes. We are a member-led organisation, which means we exist for the students of Oxford Brookes and all students of the University are automatically members.

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The Brookes Charter is managed by the Academic Registrar & Director of ASA, John Kirk (