• Brookes Charter
  • Brookes Charter

    The staff of Oxford Brookes University, Brookes Union and students at Oxford Brookes University.

    This Charter describes the mutual expectations and responsibilities of the staff and students at Oxford Brookes University. Collectively, we are committed to the delivery of an outstanding student experience, the further development of world-class research, making a positive contribution to our wider community and creating sector-leading, high quality services for the future. The Charter is a joint document that was created and is maintained by the University and Brookes Union. 

    Daisy Hopkins, President of Brookes Union 2020/21
    Professor Alistair Fitt, Vice-Chancellor Oxford Brookes University

    To describe our values, we have agreed four guiding principles.

    • Connectedness

      Our academic excellence is underpinned by a history of learning by doing. Our connections and our Oxford roots are fundamental to our students’ experiences and our successful future.
    • Confidence

      We have confidence in our staff and students, and we know that we prepare our graduates well for a fulfilling and valuable life. Through their success, we continue to earn our outstanding reputation.
    • Generosity of spirit

      We believe people flourish in a culture of respect and support, where we celebrate difference and thrive on each other’s success. Our students manifest a generosity of spirit as they progress in the world.
    • Enterprising creativity

      We're adaptable and flexible, and consider a fresh approach in everything we do – because we know our sustainability depends on a pioneering spirit.

    The Students’ Union, known as Brookes Union, exists to support, represent and inspire the students of Oxford Brookes. We are a member-led organisation, which means we exist for the students of Oxford Brookes and all students of the University are automatically members.

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  • For our students, Oxford Brookes University will:

    • Provide an inclusive and supportive environment for all.
    • Provide a stimulating and challenging learning and research environment with expert teaching staff and professional guidance to support you in fulfilling your learning potential aligned to our Strategy for Enhancing the Student Experience.
    • Provide career planning information and opportunities to enhance your future success.
    • Support our staff to be at the forefront of their practice and discipline through regular continuing professional development.
    • Through the work of Brookes Union provide opportunities for you to participate in the student representative system in support of the Student Voice, thereby informing the University through active participation.
    • Offer a range of professional advisory services to support you in your studies and personal and academic development.
    • Provide you with the information and guidance you need to settle into university life.
    • Provide general and specialist IT and library resources, an online learning environment and other high-quality learning resources and spaces.
    • Offer a range of sport clubs, social clubs and student societies to enhance personal and professional development, working with the Brookes Union.
    • Provide prompt and courteous responses to student correspondence.
    • Provide you with timetables in advance of the start of your studies and timely notice of timetable changes.
    • Issue information to students which details assessment arrangements and assessment criteria, deadlines and time frames of feedback on submitted work, contact hours, mode of delivery, examination arrangements and regulations, academic guidance and support, appeals and complaints procedures, professional requirements (as appropriate).
    • Clearly display all study costs, payment options and deadlines, and provide transparent information on any estimated additional course costs.

    All students will:

    • Attend and engage with all learning and research activities, complete all assessments, work to agreed deadlines and take responsibility for your learning.
    • Take responsibility for managing your own learning: actively engaging in your course; ensuring you spend sufficient regular time in private study, participating fully in group learning activities, and taking account of the detailed guidance provided in any handbooks and the University Regulations.
    • Be proactive and take advantage of extracurricular activities to develop your employability skills and personal qualities.
    • Support student representatives and participate in systems which will lead to improvements in the quality of learning and teaching.
    • Consider your own safety and be proactive to ensure the safety of others. 
    • Respect the physical environment of Oxford Brookes, including all of its physical buildings and behave respectfully towards neighbours and the community. 
    • Make prompt payment of charges made by the institution. 

    Brookes Union will:

    • Support you to ensure you receive fair treatment and are aware of your rights and responsibilities.
    • Provide opportunities for you to participate in the student representative system in support of  student participation in quality enhancement activities – especially through the recruitment, election, development and training of student representatives.
    • Support you with academic and welfare concerns.
    • Provide you with access to a professional advice service that is independent of the University.
    • Represent your interests at local and national level.
    • Provide a range of social events and activities throughout the year.
    • Support you in the creation and involvement of social and academic based societies.
    • Provide you with opportunities to campaign on local and national issues.
    • Working in conjunction with the University, support active student/community engagement, especially as regards combating anti-social behaviour.
    • Work with the University in our mutual interest of continually improving the student  experience and the continued improvement and promotion of the Student Voice.

    Status of this Charter

    Our Brookes Charter gives a summary of our aspirations and expectations for each other at Oxford Brookes University. It is not, however, a legally binding contract and it is not intended either to define or limit the legal rights and responsibilities of Oxford Brookes University, Brookes Union and each student. All students should ensure that they are aware of all documents published by the University and Brookes Union which relate in any way to being a student and/or a member of Brookes Union, including the University Regulations, and all regulations, policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines issued by the University and/or Brookes Union from time to time.