Study options

We don’t believe that a 'typical' or 'average' student exists - we welcome people from all walks of life and want you to feel comfortable and at home at Brookes. We will offer plenty of support and guidance about starting your studies or return to study if you have taken a break.

Distance learning

Our distance learning options give you the flexibility to study for a Brookes degree level qualification from your home. Some courses are only available through distance learning. Others include both distance learning and on-campus options, for example short study periods. Please check the details of the course you are interested in to see if it suits your needs.

Part-time study

Part time study offers you the flexibility to adapt your pace of study to your personal circumstances. You will be treated identically to those studying full-time and you will be entitled to the same wide range of services, including full access to the University and its facilities. The information here applies to people who have UK or EU residential status. If you have overseas residential status you should contact the Admissions Office for advice about studying as a part-time student.

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Associate study

Associate students follow modules from the Undergraduate Modular Programme. Usually, Associate students take one or two modules per year, rather than the entire year of a degree programme. A module is a self-contained unit of study from within an undergraduate course. Most are one semester long (15 weeks) and represent about 150 hours study. You have the same benefits and services as any other student, including access to the library, computers, careers service, study advice and other resources. The Admissions Team can give you advice on whether Associate study would suit you.

Support for modern day learning

If you think your circumstances might be a barrier to you studying, we recommend that you talk to our Admissions team to explore ways that might make studying possible for you. They will discuss your aims, interests and circumstances and give you advice and guidance tailored to you and your needs. They may recommend flexible or part time learning, or advice on the type of course best suited to you or whether a course in a partner college or elsewhere would be the best first step.

You will need to be IT literate in order to cope with the demands of any Brookes course – but there is plenty of support on hand to help you achieve the skill required. Our service desk points provide key IT support for all students across the University, are open during the day and evenings and offer free information and guidance on using the university’s computer network. Any student wishing to learn more about computing can take introductory modules as part of their programme of study.

Mature students

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If you are considering coming to Oxford Brookes as a mature student you will not be alone. Many of our older students return to study for a range of reasons - possibly in order to change career, gain qualifications or to learn more about an area of interest.

Our Wellbeing Team offers advice and guidance to anyone thinking of becoming a mature student on what to expect, how your study can be tailored to your circumstances and the support available once you are here.