OB1 Live 19: Ightham Mote

This collaboration with the National Trust was comprised of three connected projects on the themes of approach, enter and dwelling. The focus of these projects was to investigate and propose revised entrance strategies for Ightham Mote, a 14th century manor house in Kent. In order to explore the way that visitors approach, enter and dwell, full scale Creature Houses were designed, made and installed in the courtyard as part of an event to consult visitors about their experience of visiting the house. The installations were designed to accommodate bats, death watch beetles and even accommodation for wallabies that had escaped in the area and formed a “mob” in the grounds.

The consultation event informed site strategies for improving the experience of entering and orientation for visitors. Strategies were presented to the National Trust using films and models. Proposals included different entrance routes to take advantage of seasonal change and journeys that focused the visitor on the beautiful sounds of the place.

To conclude the project and connect the themes of approach, enter and dwelling, each student designed an Entrance Building to the site that included an exhibition about the house and grounds as well as providing welcome, tickets and visitor information. Proposals included building forms that made a virtue of the unusual sunken topography of the site and others made uncanny spaces that embraced the intriguing nature of the place. A book recording the project outcomes was presented to the National Trust for discussion as they address the visitor experience to the site.

September – December 2014


Jester Abayri, Frances Abrahamsen, Ibrahim Ahmadu, Nicole Akano, Bronte Allen, Hollie Allen, Amy Allwood, Parmida Amininavaie, Sofie Arnevig, Jade Bailey, James Barrell, Nathan Bentley, Ralph Berryman, Katherine Birkett, Ayanna Blair-Ford, Henry Blazey, Calum Bluck, Kasandra Bolivar, Ioana Bucuriou, Naomi Cessford, Olivia Chan, Lok Yee Cheng, Louisa Chessher, Maria Ciarlegio, Marco Da Silva Rosa, Gina Dahl, Isis Dapling, Beth Dawson, Enrique De La Cueva, Marie de Montaigne de Poncins, Holly Drinkwater, Oliver East, Charles Edmonds, Mahgoub El-Badawi, Iago Ferreira Souza, William Flindall, Alexander Fordham, Michael Forward, Amber Godfrey, Isabel Gomez, Alexandra Goodey, Stephany Govier, Douglas Haynes, Francesca Heaver, Rose Helps, Emily Herridge, Harry Hinton-Hard, Chrlotte Hubbard, Fraser Ingram, Francesca Jacobs, Amy Johnson, Andranik Kazaryan, Joseph Kelly, Misha Khaliq, Alyssa Kirton, Zuzanna Krzyzanowska, Hong Jiang Lang, Tony Le, Una Ledaal, Leionie Linder, Thomas Linzey, Keith Lyons, Sophie Macpherson, Mahomad Moin Rafik, Makarouni Eirini, Theodora Makrimaria, Abdelrahman Malhas, Shaun Matthews, Isabel Mendes Quadrado, Raluca Moldoveanu, Shenton Morgan, Sergiu Moscaliuc, Hilton Murrell, Catriona Musoko, Olivia Neale, Hio Ian Ngai, Isaac Niwaku, Shahad Osman, Nosimilo Julie Oti, Jonathan Pascoe, Nayan Patel, Ellen Phillips, Jacob Ralph, Frances Reynolds, Jack Robson, Anna Romanou, Elizaveta Romanova, Craig Ross, Muhammad Usman, Abigail Sayers, Dominik Scigala, Felix Scobie, Yee Yong See, Maite Seimetz, Tariq Shah, Jack Smith, Victoria Smith, Malgorzata Socha, Amy Speed, Beth Starling, Annabelle Stillman-Jones, Gabriel Stuart, Yu Jin Sung, Hootan Tayebi, Andrew Taylor, Mollie Taylor, Shi Ying Teo, Edward Thrower, Chenene Tryndell, Edward Tse, Maise Mudge, Melisa Turkay, Arandeep Virdee, Molly Ward, Kevin Wong, Megan Wright, Xiaomeng Wu, Massine Yallaoui, Frederick Young.


Nic Durston (National Trust), Tom Freshwater (National Trust). Bernadette Gillow (National Trust).


Staff, volunteers and visitors to the National Trust’s Ightham Mote.


Jane Anderson, Dr. Orestes Chouchoulas, Ruth Cuenca, Dr. Orsalia Dimitriou, Rob Houmøller, Peter Merrett, Pouya Zamanpour

Commissioned by



Oxford Brookes School of Architecture.