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    Brookes Bridges works with colleges on many courses. Our aim is to bridge the gap with learning. We provide funding for courses and can offer match funding for courses aimed at adults looking for progression to further education or higher education.

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    Solihull College

    Solihull college

    We are very appreciative of the Brookes Bridges programmes and the opportunities it has given our students. The application process is very straightforward, we have support from Brookes team in identifying a suitable project and support in the shaping of the application. As a consequence of our Brookes Bridges programmes we have students studying on higher education programmes that seemed – for them - out of reach. Our success in mentoring Access to HE students who needed help have assisted students who were in danger of not completing their courses.

    Our TEF gold award noted in the statement of findings that Solihull College and University Centre demonstrated “outstanding personalised provision which is appreciated by students and secures exceptional levels of engagement and commitment to learning and study”. Brookes Bridges projects have helped us with the development of this approach across our HE provision.

    Sue Mcgregor, Dean of Higher Education and Curriculum Innovation

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