Strategy 2020


Oxford Brookes University is committed to leading the intellectual, social and economic development of the communities it serves through teaching, research and creativity that achieve the highest standards.


In the development and nurturing of intellectual and enterprising creativity we make our highest contribution to society. Social responsibility demands that all aspects of our activity should be sustainable. Equality, inclusivity and the celebration of diversity must be the foundation for all we do. We will never be content with anything other than a wholehearted commitment to the quality of the student experience. We will continue to enhance the value - and the perception of value - of our social as well as educational mission.


Oxford Brookes University will provide an exceptional, student-centred experience which is based on both internationally significant research and pedagogic best practice. We will build on a tradition of distinction in academic, professional and social engagement to enhance our reputation as a university which educates confident citizens characterised by their generosity of spirit.


Oxford Brookes University occupies a strong position in UK higher education. We have a well established international reputation for the quality of our teaching, learning and research and we are a vital part of and contributor to the local and national economy and society. Whilst our Mission defines who we are, our Vision what we are aiming for, and our Values how we behave, our ambitions will only be realised through our people. We must continue to attract and keep the most committed and dedicated staff and students if we are to achieve our aspirations. In order to realise our ambitions, we make the continuous improvement of quality in our teaching, research and other activities the centrepiece of our strategy. We work to ensure that our organisational structures support staff and students in their activities, that they facilitate the integration of research and teaching and promote inter-disciplinarity and diversity. We believe that strong foundations within the disciplines provide the strength and confidence necessary to challenge the boundaries between them.

We are international in our orientation: in our curriculum, our staff, our student body and our partnerships in an increasingly inter-connected world. We are large enough to make a diverse range of opportunities available to our prospective students but small enough to offer a supportive and nurturing environment for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

We are committed to an educational culture where mentorship is valued and teaching is integrated with both research and cutting-edge practice from the professions. We educate students of all ages for livelihood, for both personal and societal enrichment, taking advantage of the manifold cultural and economic benefits of our region. We ask our staff and students to work together to improve the human condition locally, nationally and internationally by engaging in active global citizenship and undertaking research that resonates around the world.

This student numbers graph provides a visualisation of past, present and predicted future student numbers at Oxford Brookes University.

Strategic goals

Student experience

We will be a university that enables a student experience of the highest standard possible.

We will:

  • Ensure that learning and teaching are at the leading edge and relevant to contemporary contexts.
  • Provide an environment where students are proactively engaged in shaping their experience through influencing learning and extra-curricular policy, processes and outcomes.

Research and knowledge exchange

We will be a university that is committed to externally recognised world-leading research which is translated and disseminated for the benefit of our communities.

We will:

  • Focus on the areas of research which are, or have the potential to be, recognised as world leading and encourage multi- and interdisciplinary research activity across the university
  • Increase the exploitation and dissemination of the highest quality research and collaboration with other Higher Education Institutions and the public, private and third sector.

Infrastructure and services

We will be a university characterised by its sector-leading, high quality, sustainable and cost-effective services, operating within a culture of continuous improvement.

We will:

  • Manage our activities to achieve self-sustaining and robust finances and a strong position relative to the HE sector.
  • Develop and enhance the quality and efficiency of the university's infrastructure and services.


We will be a university dedicated to improving the human condition in Oxfordshire and around the world.

We will:

  • Harness the enterprising creativity, knowledge, and commitment of the university's academics, staff and students to benefit urban and rural communities principally within Oxfordshire
  • Further develop mutually beneficial partnerships to facilitate the application of the university's education, research, and knowledge transfer nationally and internationally and to prepare the university's graduates to be engaged global citizens.