Strategy for enhancing the student experience

  • Strategy for enhancing the student experience

    Our revised strategy

    Oxford Brookes remains committed to its strategic goals in ensuring that “learning and teaching are at the leading edge” and in providing “an environment where students are proactively engaged in shaping their experience”.

    To help the University meets these priorities, the Strategy for Enhancing the Student Experience was recently updated to cover the period 2015-2020 ( read the strategy in full as a PDF).

    At the heart of the revised strategy are six key principles which describe the distinctive teaching and learning environment at Brookes:

    1. Staff and students in partnership

    2. Inclusive practices which allow all students to reach their potential

    3. A curriculum which is transformational

    4. Collective continuing professional development

    5. Assessment design which shapes learning

    6. Integrated digital and physical environments and resources

    The revised strategy was fundamental to the design and ongoing development of the eight innovative projects now being taken forward as part of the new Programme to Enhance the Student Experience. Further information is available at