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  • Applied Design in Architecture

    MArchD (ARB and RIBA part 2)

    The professional master’s course is unique because it offers you the chance to choose your route and add an area of specialisation to your degree. Our programme is designed to support your development as an architect and as an individual. The course is accredited by the RIBA and ARB with part II exemption, and LAM (Malaysia) and the school is affiliated with ACSA (USA).  


    The professional qualification with a specialisation

    Do you want to be a great designer and add a specialist skill? We offer specialisations that add unique skills to your design portfolio. These challenge traditional professional limits to rethink our roles in an ever-changing world.

    • Advanced Architectural Design
    • International Architectural Regeneration and Development
    • Development and Emergency Practice
    • Sustainable Building: Performance and Design
    • Urban Design

    ChristinaPenWinChan Design

    MArchD course structure

    You study for one year in an area where you can build skills relevant to the type of architect you want to be. In the first year, you will learn a specialisation in urban design, sustainable building, regeneration, international development, advanced architectural design or research led design. In your second year there are a wide range of design studios, offering opportunities to either deepen your experience in your specialisation area or to investigate new avenues of design.

  • Community and career

    Our graduates go onto work for leading practices across the world. The part 2 is the second part of a three part process to becoming a qualified architect. With the MArchD programme it is RIBA, ARB and LAM accredited and has affiliated association with the ACSA.

  • Adrian-Constantin Alexandrescu

    Brookes was the place that offered the most diversity when it came down to modules, specialisations and fields of exploration. At the time of my application I did not know what I wanted to explore during my Masters so Brookes was the place that allowed me to still think about it even after I started. The specialisation from first year does not lock up your options for second year, which makes it really cool because you get to interact during studios with people that worked on completely different projects in first year.

    Adrian-Constantin Alexandrescu – MArchD Applied Design in Architecture
    Tayra Natasha Pinto

    I wanted to progress my studies in Sustainable Design and Brookes has a strong department in this area. Also, the new Abercrombie facilities offer a brilliant creative studio environment that I find enriches my time while studying here. Having several likeminded departments all in one building allow for many spaces to work in to suit everyone and provides an enjoyable interaction between disciplines.

    Tayra Natasha Pinto – MArchD Applied Design in Architecture
    Kory Cox

    It was the highest rated English programme of architecture available through an agent I was working with who helps Americans apply to programmes in England. Also, I believe that it is still one of very few institutions willing to look at work experience as alternative fulfilment of an undergraduate degree in Architecture. Being offered my dream job in Los Angeles, this was only possible with my degree from Oxford Brookes and my advanced skills in Revit.

    Kory Cox – MArchD Applied Design in Architecture