Oxford Adapt Programme

A bespoke training programme for property professionals.

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About the programme

The Oxford adapt programme was originally developed together with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in 2009 as a bespoke short training programme for property professionals in Asia to develop and broaden their knowledge and skills. Since then, it has successfully extended to different markets and over 90% of its delegates have qualified as Chartered Surveyors. In 2018, the Oxford Adapt programme has been redesigned to be in line with the new RICS assessment requirements and procedures.

All the teaching materials are tailor made for this programme and contain many practical and relevant case studies, which would also be useful for your daily work. There are 3 parts to this programme.

  • The first part is mainly concerned with technical matters, and it would last for 6 weeks. It covers 4 technical learning packages, namely: 
    • property investment,
    • property valuation,
    • property development,
    • property management.
  • At the end of this part, there will be a face-to-face session over a weekend to complete the initial application stage for submission to the RICS.
  • The second of the programme focuses on preparing all RICS submission documentations, including aookucatuib forms, case studies, experience statements and other documentation.
  • The third part of the programme covers RICS ethics, policy and standards. Students will, together with learning material, be engaged via mock interviews and RICS online ethics tests to prepare themselves for the final RICS interview.

Entry requirements

This programme mainly targets professionals in Agency/Brokerage, Investment, Valuation, or similar departments in an organisation. However, professionals in other areas, such as Project Management, Facilities Management or similar might also benefit from the property development and valuation knowledge transferred / shared in the programme. You should have:

  • a first degree in any disciplines, AND
  • appropriate years of work experience in the property industry.


The full cost for this programme will be GBP 4,000 per candidate (with discounts for multiple applications). Candidate would also need to pay additional APC final interview fees directly to RICS.

How to apply

To apply, please contact rec-qcav@brookes.ac.uk