Active Travel Lockers & Showers

We are passionate about encouraging the Oxford Brookes community to use Active Routes to get to and from the Oxford Brookes campuses. 

We have showers and keypad-operated lockers available for staff and students to use to make the transition from the active commute, to working or studying at the Headington campus, more comfortable.

The lockers and showers are located near the Clerici cafe - this is the route from the JHB Forum

To access the space, please tap student/staff ID at the door. If your ID doesn't work, please try updating the card by holding it against a reader adjacent to any corridor door first and then try again. If this doesn't resolve the problem, please log a request on ServiceNow (Reporting Salto Issues on ServiceNow).

Active Travel Lockers

Route to Active Travel Lockers and Showers

1. through Clerici main doors, 2. through Clerici on the left
3. turn left before the lift doors 4. the door is at the end
5 use your card 6. locker room

To lock the lockers:

  1. Select an empty locker
  2. Put your items in the locker
  3. Close the locker
  4. Input a 4 digit code and this will lock the locker
  5. Remember the 4 digit code 

To unlock the locker:

  1. Re-enter the 4 digit code
  2. Remove items
  3. Close the locker 

We need you help...

We are always looking to expand our catalogue of Active Routes and greatly appreciate any input from the Oxford Brookes community. If you use active travel to get onto campus, please submit your routes using the Active Routes Google Form.

If you have any questions about the Active Travel Lockers & Showers, please email, Emma O'Hara, the Brookes Sport, Marketing & Engagement Manager,

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