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With over 40 fitness classes across our two Brookes Sport centres, there really is something for everyone.
Fitness class instructor in the gym

Our group fitness classes are a great way to work towards your goals in a fun and friendly environment while being able to meet new people or exercise with friends. 

Fitness classes are included within the Climb and Climb Basic Membership packages. Please check out the classes under "Good for Climbers" below to find the classes we think will best help you to achieve your climbing goals, but all classes are welcoming of climbers. 

We also have off-peak fitness classes at discounted rates. These classes are also included in Fitness Basic and Climb Basic Membership packages. Off-peak classes are classes before 2pm on weekdays alone. Please note, our Learn to Lift fitness classes are not included in the off-peak offer due to the small group format.

Our fitness classes are welcoming of everyone, but we know that sometimes attending a new class can be a daunting experience and people may feel they need to look a certain way or be a certain level of fitness prior to attending. This is absolutely not the case and all of our instructors are there to help you feel comfortable during your workout. 

However, if you would prefer to explore classes that are ran at a slightly slower pace and aimed more towards beginners, please check out the classes under "Perfect for Beginners" below. 

Types of Classes

Please note that these timetables are subject to change, so to view our most up to date Fitness Class timetables, please download the BrookesSport app, on Android or IOS.

How to book...

Fitness Classes can be booked on the Brookes Sport app on Android or IOS, or via our web Book Online portal. Current Pay As You Go (PAYG) users can book up to 8 days in advance, whilst Direct Debit, Annual, and Monthly paid members are entitled to priority booking of up to 10 days in advance.

If you book into a class that you can no longer attend, please cancel your booking to free up the space for someone else. Please also ensure that you check into your class, either at reception or by tapping your membership card at one of the gym entry points.  


Fitness Classes are included in a lot of our Brookes Sport memberships, but you are also able to attend as a PAYG user, you can find the prices below.

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