Summer of Movement 2024

Gym user setting up to bench press

This summer, Brookes Sport invites you to join our Summer of Movement campaign and stay active with various exciting offers.

Whether you're looking to try new activities or maintain your fitness routine, we have something for everyone. Explore our Summer Ticket, Summer Memberships, Racket Hoppers and discounted Summer Space Bookings to make the most of your summer and keep moving all season long.

The Summer Ticket

From 1 June until 31 August, you can purchase the Summer Ticket for just £20, granting you 14 consecutive days of All-Inclusive access to our facilities at our Brookes Sport centres in Headington and Harcourt Hill.

Whether you want to spend the day in the gym, enjoy an evening yoga class, go for a climb or play a game of squash, the Summer Ticket covers it all. This ticket includes access to our gyms, climbing centre, fitness classes, squash, badminton and swimming pool facilities.

  • Cost: £20 for 14 days
  • Availability: Only available for purchase in person and is for over 18s only. Please drop into one of our receptions and speak to our friendly reception team to find out more and get started.
  • Flexibility: No joining fee, no minimum contract and no commitment. You can buy as many tickets as you like throughout the summer. 

Racket Hoppers

Starting 1 June, Racket Hoppers are available for £60, covering 12 sessions. Racket Hoppers can be used cross-site for badminton and squash.

  • Cost: £60 for 12 sessions (£5 per session)
  • Validity: 6 months from the date of purchase
  • Availability: Can be purchased from our receptions or online via Join at Home

Summer Space Bookings 

From 15 July to 31 August 2024, enjoy discounted pitch hire on our Headington STP. Bookings are only available on the day of the activity and are subject to availability. 

  • Cost: £15 for a quarter of the STP per hour (usually £45)
  • Availability: Call 01865 534100 in the morning to book for that day or walk-ins are also welcome (subject to availability). Bookings are available between 9.00am - 5.00pm with sessions lasting 1 hour.
  • Payment: At reception only, so if you book over the phone, you must check in at reception and make payment upon arrival. Card payments only.
  • Facility: The surface is sand-based, so no studs and ensure shoes are clean.
These pitch bookings are open to all ages. Our pitches are perfect for family fun, friendly football matches or a kickaround with friends. Please note, that those under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible person over 16. Bring your own equipment and arrive ready to play!

Personal Training, Wellness Checks and Gym Programmes

Gym Inductions and Wellness Checks are free services to help you get started on your fitness journey.

Personal Training sessions are available from our experienced trainers who can provide personalised workouts tailored to your goals, whether it’s weight loss, strength building, endurance or overall wellness.

Gym Programmes start with a 60-minute consultation, where a personalised programme is established, there will then be a 45-minute follow-up session.

For any enquiries or to get started, drop by one of our receptions and speak to our friendly team. Enjoy a summer of movement with Brookes Sport!