Brookes climb membership upgrades

Climber on wall

Climb, gym or fitness classes? Brookes Sport climbing memberships now give you all three!

As we step into 2024, we're thrilled to announce significant enhancements to our Climb and Climb Basic memberships, offering you a more well-rounded experience.

Starting January 2024, both Climb and Climb Basic memberships will now include access to climbing, the gym, and our fitness classes. It's our way of ensuring you have all the tools you need to crush your climbing goals this year.

Membership breakdown

Climb members:

  • Ability to book into all climbing sessions.
  • Ability to book into all fitness classes
  • Access to the gym at all times

Climb Basic members:

  • Off-Peak Climbing & Bouldering: anytime before 2:50pm on weekdays only
  • Off-Peak Gym: before 2pm on weekdays and anytime at the weekends
  • Off-Peak Fitness Classes: before 2pm on weekdays only (this does not include our Learn to Lift fitness class due to the small class format)

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Exciting additions

In addition to the summer's bouldering wall expansion, in December, we introduced a Lattice Training and Beastmaker motherboard 1000, located in the upstairs Headington gym. These additions are designed to elevate your training and assist you in conquering your 2024 climbing goals.

Here's to reaching new heights in 2024! We wish you all a happy, healthy and active 2024 we hope these exciting developments will help you with your climbing journey.

Explore the Climb and Climb Basic, Brookes Sport memberships.