Online OBCAMS Session - How coaches ‘show up’?

Working where it’s hot, dusty and dangerous: Rachel Ellison recounts the story of one female leader working in a war zone.


Sometimes people use the expression ‘how you show up’ to say something about how you are, or how you present in the moment. I wondered whether there was a way that coaches were expected to show up, where those expectations came from, and what we did as a result.

This session will explore where we get our ‘rules’ from as coaches, our perceptions of how coaches are meant to be, and how that impacts us. My question illuminated some fascinating dynamics at play, both in and out of the coaching room.

Rob Kemp studied for his Doctorate in Coaching and Mentoring (DCM) at Oxford Brookes University (2021), having previously studied Coaching & Mentoring at Sheffield Hallam University (MSc, 2013).  After nearly two decades in business, Rob worked as an independent external coach for 15 years, before joining a coach training organsation in 2022 as Head of Accredited Coach Training.