International Conference on Coaching Supervision 2024

Supervision: Philosophies, purpose and practices.

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The 12th International Conference on Coaching supervision will be held on Thursday, May 2, 2024, in Oxford, UK. We will be continuing a hybrid approach to the 2024 conference, allowing presenters and attendees alike to participate either in person or online.

Last year's theme was ‘Professional decision-making for supervision; supervision for professional decisionmaking'. In his keynote session, Prof Rob Briner shared a highly informative perspective on evidence-based practice and delegates enjoyed presentations from four continents. The theme for 2024 is ‘Philosophies, purpose and practices'. This is a framework with which many will be familiar and opens the field to discussion of critical questions such as why we practice in the ways that we do, what supervision is for and how it is situated in relation to our human experience.

As has become a tradition, we welcome equally submissions that are based on case-work, practices or research. Whichever strand the contribution sits within, each contribution should focus some attention to one or more of this year’s theme lenses of philosophy, purpose and practice. We might ask, what does a particular approach imply in terms of the supervisor’s intention? How might a general theoretical stance affect how we choose to practice?

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