Coaching and Mentoring graduate explores ‘the influence of energy’ in new book

Front cover of 'Coaching for Optimal Energy' book

Oxford Brookes University MA Coaching and Mentoring Practice graduate, Viv Chitty has recently published a book offering a research based consideration of the concept of energy in the context of executive coaching.

Coaching for Optimal Energy: A guide for Executive Coaches’ published by VCA publishing; 2nd edition (31 March 2023) is released in a post-pandemic age when many people are exhausted, when working styles and patterns are changing rapidly and when pacing ourselves and managing our personal energy levels is vital. The book examines how energy manifests in clients, analyses the influences on energy and offers clear guidance and practical ideas for addressing energy with clients.

Challenging previous thinking, Viv presents a fresh, research-based, way of considering energy and outlines a fundamental new way of addressing this for use primarily by executive coaches but also anyone who works with people and the individual themselves.

Viv is a highly experienced executive coach with over 20 years’ experience, a coach supervisor and has a background in consultancy. Viv runs a coaching consultancy which works with senior people in a wide variety of sectors. She is passionate about working with senior clients who have multiple challenges to face.

Viv said: “People are finding the world of work, and the world in general, exhausting. At a time when much is being written about burnout and downshifting, this very serious, hugely important, and deeply researched book says what practitioners can do about this  right when we need it.

“This is important - suboptimal energy negatively impacts performance, behaviour and motivation. Senior executives in all sectors work phenomenally hard, most not taking the time to think whether they are optimally energised to achieve their aims, meet the demands made on them and have healthy relationships.”

The coaching expert, Professor Tatiana Bachkirova, Professor of Coaching Psychology, at Oxford Brookes University, added:

“There are not that many topics that have consistent application in all types of coaching. Optimising energy available to clients to fulfil their tasks is one of them. I would say that this topic is nowadays more often on the table than any of us as coaches would wish it to be. Why? Because this topic is as elusive as energy itself. 

“However, Viv has taken this big challenge and put it at the centre of her exploration. She does this methodically and intelligently, unravelling complex concepts and offering practical ideas in a way that is clear and immediately applicable for our complex practice. A very important read for coaches and coaching supervisors.”

Edna Murdoch, Founder/Director of the Coaching Supervision Academy adds:

“Bringing appropriate attention to our energy levels has never been more necessary and Coaching for Optimal Energy: A Guide for Executive Coaches could not be more timely. I am delighted that the result of such important research is now available to coaches and their clients.”

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