Learning experience

Connect. Collaborate. Create.


In every sense the Oxford Brookes Global MBA is connected. In the first instance, we make it a priority to connect with you on a personal level. You'll find our MBA team highly approachable and committed to supporting you throughout your MBA journey.

On a practical level, our virtual learning platform connects you with your MBA community, providing access to assignments, research and the latest business thinking. Whether online or on campus your learning experience is seamless.

Today leadership not only demands vision and decisiveness, but also empathy and integrity. Our Personal Development modules will develop your 'soft skills' and enable you to connect with people more effectively and lead with authority and authenticity.

Everyone knows that one of the key attractions of an MBA is the opportunity to establish your own connections. The Oxford Brookes Global MBA will help you forge a professional network of contacts across different industries, institutions and geographies.

Connect. Collaborate. Create.
Welcome to the Oxford Brookes Global MBA.


Collaboration is a cornerstone of the Oxford Brookes Global MBA. Through a combination of project-based assignments, one-on-one coaching and individual personal support we will help you develop strategies to work with and lead diverse groups of people from different business functions, geographic areas and social and cultural backgrounds.

But it's far more than what we teach you. It's how we learn together as an MBA community. Collaboration is key to your MBA experience. Whether working virtually or during study visits on campus, you will be immersed in an environment that is open and co-operative. Many of the discoveries you make will happen spontaneously as a result of your interactions with your cohort. For many of our students working collaboratively brings about a change of mindset that is hugely rewarding and delivers lasting impact.


Innovation and entrepreneurship are among the most prized qualities anyone can bring to their organisation. Creativity is seen as essential for problem-solving and spotting new opportunities.

The Oxford Brookes Global MBA will bring out your creative and entrepreneurial spirit, harnessing your ideas, dynamism and ambition and giving you the confidence to express your creativity in the real world of business.

We encourage you to think creatively from day one. We ask you to consider what you really want your MBA to deliver and work closely with you to build on your strengths and develop those areas you need to improve. You will learn how to think critically and trust your judgement, whatever the world throws at you.

Your MBA journey is a personal one. As you develop, your MBA can be adapted to grow with you. Because every individual is unique and their approach to work and learning is different, you have the freedom to create an MBA programme of genuine interest and benefit that fits in with your lifestyle.