Building an entrepreneurial mindset

Developing entrepreneurial behaviours and practice is a consistent theme throughout the Oxford Brookes Global MBA. Whether you’re starting a business or driving change in a larger organisation, influential leadership, creative critical thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset are the skills that MBA students most want to develop. You will see a transformation in your working life as a direct result.

Opportunities to practice entrepreneurial interests

  • Enterprise and entrepreneurial behaviours is a core theme across the entire programme.
  • The Innovation, Change and Enterprise module is a foundation 'core' compulsory module.
  • You can opt to explore a start-up interest – or at least to find out what start-up is all about - through our Creating a New Business Ventures elective module, which stimulates thinking and planning around start-up concepts.

  • You can develop an individual plan for a real start-up business through the range of final project options which can support you (whatever stage your idea) by choosing between a Dissertation, Consultancy, Business Start-Up or Design Project option.
  • An intensive optional study field trip, as part of the Enhancing Entrepreneurial Capabilities module, challenges students with hands-on consultancy projects. You develop real-time solutions for real social enterprise and regional development challenges. Hands-on experience, vision, coping with ambiguity, and emotional and creative intelligence are just some of the skills developed here. 
  • You can emphasise your enterprise focus by selecting the MBA with Enterprise pathway when you graduate.

Flexible learning develops an entrepreneurial mindset

We creatively deliver learning online as well as face-to-face so you can access the MBA from all corners of the world. This way of learning helps to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in you. By flexing between modes of study, naturally and purposefully you develop resilience, creative intelligence, technical and digital skills.

You join a dynamic global community of professional MBA students, faculty and alumni, operating worldwide, in a creative, flexible way. Ideas, resources, opportunities and ultimately innovative solutions arise from our collaborative, networked programme philosophy. These MBA networks remain important business and social networks beyond your time on the MBA programme.


Expertise in entrepreneurship

Many of our staff and alumni have a depth of experience in business start-ups, driving innovation and new initiatives - in large and small commercial enterprises, social enterprise and the public sector. Many write and publish extensively on entrepreneurship, and are active in practical local and national initiatives. Through the Oxford Brookes Global MBA community you have on-going access to this expertise throughout your career.