Why study at Oxford Brookes Business School?

Studying at Oxford Brookes Business School is a great experience. You will learn new things, meet new people, and thrive in a community that makes you the priority.

Building careers

At Brookes, your career is our priority. Our teaching staff have strong connections with the business world and design the courses to meet the needs of employers. Features such as consultancy projects and guest lectures from industry experts help you to stand out from the crowd in the competitive job market. You will have the opportunity to develop industry contacts and build your practical experience.

We also offer flexible part-time courses that fit around you, giving you the opportunity to work while you learn and build on your careers aspirations.

Globally focused

A significant part of every course is the international approach. In an increasingly global market this essential foundation in your international business knowledge boosts your employment prospects in domestic and multinational organisations. The Business School's diverse international mix means that you'll be sharing ideas with students from more than 90 countries, creating a lively community and exposing yourself to different cultures and ways of thinking.

Excellence in teaching

Oxford Brookes Business School is renowned for providing the best academic experience. Combined with our staff's research, our expertise will help you to learn more quickly, to understand more deeply, and to apply your knowledge with greater skill.

Accreditation and exemptions

Oxford Brookes Business School courses are independently assessed by accrediting and professional bodies to ensure they are of the highest quality and relevant to today's global business environment. Our courses are recognised by many of the major professional bodies, which offer exemptions from their professional exams, giving you a head start in your career.


As the most famous and historic academic location in the world, Oxford is one of the greatest cities to be a student. From libraries to nightclubs and castles to coffee shops, Oxford has everything a student could ask for. Also, London and its major airports are just over an hour away.

Sebastian Jirschik

“Having a truly international education appealed to my employer, Siemens, the global engineering and electronics company.”

Sebastian Jirschik MSc International Trade and Logistics