Oxford Brookes Business School

Research Degrees

  • A research degree at Oxford Brookes Business School provides the opportunity to become an expert in your field, in one of the world’s most famous cities of learning.

    We recruit talented research students from all backgrounds, on either a full time or part time basis, and support them to become successful, independent researchers.

    As well as providing the foundation for successful academic careers, research degrees enhance career progression and employment opportunities in other areas. They enable individuals to share their expertise in consultancy, business and beyond.

    Participants will join a vibrant research community, with diverse, international backgrounds and a breadth of academic and professional experience.

    Oxford Brookes Business School offers two research degrees.


    Studying for an MPhil/PhD is a considerable but rewarding challenge. It is an opportunity to become an expert in your chosen topic and to make both an academic and practical contribution to knowledge. The MPhil/PhD programme can be undertaken either full-time or part-time.

    Doctor of Coaching and Mentoring (DCM)

    This part-time programme is aimed at experienced professionals seeking to extend their knowledge and understanding of coaching and mentoring. It has been designed to develop skills and confidence in providing facilitation and consultancy, as well as competence in research and evaluation.

    How to apply

    We offer a wide range of topics in our research centres. We enjoy good research relations with other Oxford Brookes Faculties, and partner institutions and organisations outside the University.