Energy improvements

Advice about managing energy and making use of renewables

Managing energy and making use of renewables presents UK organisations with a unique series of problems from understanding the options to prioritising actions to funding solutions.

While many energy improvements make use of technology, over two-thirds of EiE’s energy saving advice is through careful control and management as well as clear communications with relevant users.

  • If your organisation is beginning on a journey of energy efficiency, a premise assessment helps define possible actions and prioritise opportunities.
  • Those further on the way to energy efficiency may wish to focus on particular areas of reduction.
  • From insulation, heating, and LED lights to renewables and electric vehicles, organisations can benefit from considering costs and carbon reduction.

EiE provides energy audits, heating and insulation studies, and a range of support to achieve financial and carbon savings. We also offer a range of training packages as well as awareness programmes to engage audiences.

If you'd like to know how your organisation can maximise energy savings and move towards zero carbon, please get in touch.

“UK businesses need to overcome barriers to realise the millions of pounds in potential energy efficiency savings.”