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Introducing our Oxford Campus Vision - October 2022

Oxford Brookes is committed to building an environment which supports our students, staff and partners to excel. Importantly, our campus spaces need to respond to the evolving needs of the University’s community and the rapidly changing world of education.

We have previously announced our commitment to moving all remaining activity from the Wheatley Campus. As part of our emerging Oxford Campus Vision, the University’s senior committees have agreed to the principle of moving the small number of Harcourt Hill courses onto the Headington Campus over the coming years too.

The University is still at an early stage with the development of these proposals and the movement of activity currently based at both Wheatley and Harcourt Hill will not take place until the start of the 2024/25 academic year at the earliest.

We believe our future Oxford environment will inspire a vibrant, connected and diverse student community to achieve their potential. We look forward to sharing further information in 2023 once a detailed piece of work has taken place to look at the timescales, sequencing and space requirements required to facilitate the moves.


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Current projects

December 2021 design image of the new teaching building on the Headington Hill site

Headington Hill site

In June 2022, Oxford Brookes received planning permission for two cutting edge, sustainable buildings for the Headington Hill site which will enhance STEM and creative industries activity. Our vision is to create a facility that not only allows our students and researchers to flourish, but brings the Oxford Brookes community together, boosts local collaboration and helps meet the needs of industry. The new teaching and workshop buildings will be the new home for Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment activity currently based at Wheatley Campus, and we expect both buildings to open their doors from September 2024.

Clive Booth Student Village

The University was been granted planning permission in November 2021 to redevelop part of Clive Booth Student Village. A separate planning application to enable improvements to the footpath that connects the site to our Headington Hill site was approved in January 2022.

Clive Booth