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Our estates vision...

Oxford Brookes University is committed to providing an excellent experience for its students, staff and visitors. We are renowned for our excellent teaching and are investing in buildings and facilities to match.

During any on-campus works, we work closely with staff, students and the local community to minimise disruption from any works and also engage these groups in the process early on to make sure we get the best facilities for those that use them.

More information on ongoing projects, latest news and events and works updates can be found on these pages.


Current projects

Clive Booth

Clive Booth Student Village

The University has submitted a planning application (April 2021) to Oxford City Council for the redevelopment of part of Clive Booth Student Village, alongside a separate planning application (May 2021) to enable improvements to the footpath that connects it to our Headington Hill site.

Latest news and events

Wheatley Campus from above

5 May 2020

Update on University estate

The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government announced last month (23 April 2020) that planning permission should be allowed for the development of housing on the Wheatley Campus.

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