Clive Booth Student Village - updated January 2021

January 2021 update on proposed redevelopment of part of Clive Booth Student Village

Oxford Brookes University is committed to ensuring that students can continue to live in high-quality accommodation and to meeting the local authority’s threshold for the number of students living outside of university accommodation.To meet these commitments, the University is intending to submit a new planning application in early 2021 for the redevelopment of part of Clive Booth Student Village. 

A previous planning application to develop the student accommodation site was unsuccessful in June 2019. Over the past 18 months, the University has carefully considered its next steps in relation to the development and reflected on how it can help to address the concerns previously raised by the local community.

During November and December 2020 we invited the local community to provide feedback on initial proposals to redevelop part of the site and captured more than 300 responses.

The University has carefully considered all of the points made and this feedback has shaped our developing plans. We are now providing a further opportunity for community members to comment on the advanced design proposals for the site before we finalise the plans to submit to Oxford City Council for consideration.

The current Clive Booth site

Hear more during an online webinar in February 2021

Join an online webinar to find out more.

Due to the impact of Covid-19, many of the ways in which we will be gathering feedback will necessarily need to take place virtually. Alternative ways of submitting views and feedback for those unable to do so digitally are being provided, and the University is meeting with individuals and groups to gather further views.

Following two webinars held in December 2020 (the second of which can be viewed here), the University will host two further Zoom webinars:

You will need to register via the links above to attend one of these webinars in which we will set out our updated plans and provide the opportunity to ask further questions.

What’s next?

After carefully considering all of the feedback gained in November and December 2020, we have revised our initial plans which you can now see in more detail in this PDF document. Further information on the latest proposed changes made following community feedback can also be found on our dedicated webpages.

We are now inviting questions and comments on the specific designs. These can be sent to us via our online form until Friday 5 February 2021, or through attendance at one of our webinars detailed above.

For any further information or to request a call or online meeting, please email us via 

Student at Clive Booth

What is Clive Booth Student Village?

The current Clive Booth site

Clive Booth Student Village is an existing student accommodation site, close to Marston Road in East Oxford.

It is located on land owned by Oxford Brookes, is managed by the University and is currently home to around 1,300 students. 

This includes students who are training to be nurses, paramedics, allied healthcare professionals and teachers, many of whom will work across the county during placements and after graduating. 

Why is the University looking to redevelop part of Clive Booth Student Village?

A large number of the buildings on the site are now 30 years old. There is a need to redevelop the accommodation so that living arrangements continue to be of a high quality for our students and we can improve and modernise the site. 

The proposed redevelopment of part of Clive Booth Student Village is recognised in the Oxford Local Plan 2036, which was adopted in June 2020. The Local Plan also sets a threshold for Oxford Brookes of allowing no more than 4,000 of its students to live outside of University-owned accommodation.

Increasing the number of rooms available to students within the University’s estate is important in being able to meet this requirement.

The current Clive Booth site

What are the benefits of redeveloping part of Clive Booth Student Village?

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The University believes that the proposed redevelopment of the site will create a number of benefits, which include:

  • Helping to ensure a positive student experience by providing high-quality rooms, enhanced indoor social spaces and an improved range of accommodation options across our residences to suit affordability and personal living preferences.
  • Helping to reduce pressure on local housing supply by allowing for greater numbers of students to live within student accommodation on existing University land, close to the Headington Campus, as an alternative to private rental properties in the community.
  • Helping to reduce pressure on local transport systems as students travelling to the Headington Campus will be able to walk or cycle, rather than using local bus services.
  • Helping to reduce the number of cars in Oxford as the University stipulates that any student living in halls of residence is not permitted to bring a vehicle to Oxford.
  • Helping to provide improved facilities for Oxford Brookes University Nursery, also located on the site, which provides care for children from the local community as well as University staff and students.